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Shelterwood Is A Faith-Based Residential Treatment Center For At-Risk Teens

We believe that every teen was created by God and has great value and purpose. We use a multi-disciplinary approach to help teens understand their value and purpose. The word “Shelterwood” describes a forestry technique in which older, stronger trees shelter and protect younger trees on the forest floor until they stand, grow and thrive on their own. In the same way, Shelterwood offers struggling teens a safe, loving place to heal and flourish. Read More


Find out more about Shelterwood and what sets us apart from other residential treatment centers. Get in touch with us today to get your teen help, healing and transformation or read more testimonials here.

Our History

Our story begins in 1980…

…when our founder, Richard Beach, was mentoring college students in life, leadership and the teachings of Jesus through a ministry called Doulos. One of his board members had a teen daughter that was struggling, and he asked Richard if his daughter could come live together with these young adults. Richard agreed. Through the mentoring and encouragement from the young adults at Doulos and through some additional professional therapy, her life was transformed. Seeing his family restored, this father encouraged Richard to reach out to other families and continue providing a faith-based treatment center and boarding school for struggling teens. This laid the foundation for Shelterwood.



A picture of the Richard Beach memorial and portrait.

Beginning with the success of that first family…

…and a strong conviction in the value and potential of every teen, we have developed multi-disciplinary approach to our highly successful relationship-based model of care. Today, 40 years later, Shelterwood has helped thousands of families. Exceptional academics and professional therapy, combined with mentoring and strong relationships, has resulted in a holistic, balanced residential treatment environment for struggling teens to heal and grow. Our faith informs and motivates us, so when teens come to Shelterwood, they learn that they are important, valued, created with a purpose and a destiny, and deeply loved by the God that created them.

“I will never forget my time at Shelterwood. It gave me many memories I’ll cherish forever. Shelterwood saved my life.”


“If I would not have attended Shelterwood I would not be the man I am today. I reflect back on my experiences there and just smile.”


“I will never forget the hardships and great times that I spent at Shelterwood. It really helped me turn my life in the right direction. It surrounded me with great people and great therapy. Thanks, Shelterwood.”


Shelterwood seeks to serve our families with excellence. We received The Joint Commission’s Gold Seal of Approval, which means we’re reaching the industry’s highest benchmarks. Our school is fully accredited through Cognia and we are a member of NATSAP.




Recognized by Excellence in Giving for their investment of valuable staff time in transparently communicating detailed and accurate information.

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