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Shelterwood Is A Faith-Based Residential Program for Teens with Mental and Behavioral Health Challenges

Being a teenager has never been easy. While each generation of teens face problems, cell phone and social media use has compounded issues for many of today’s teens. From rising technological addiction to substance abuse to anxiety, depression and other issues, many teens are struggling. This also means many families are struggling to know how to support their kids – often leading to painful cycles of anger and frustration. 
At Shelterwood, we love families. Since 1980, we have been committed to walking alongside teens and their families on the path to healing.  The term “Shelterwood” describes a forestry technique in which older, stronger trees shelter and protect younger trees on the forest floor until they stand, grow and thrive on their own. In the same way, in our relational model, teens are surrounded by a community, including mentors, therapists, and teachers who provide a safe place for them to heal, grow and flourish.
One of our employees recently took the time to show off our campus. Enjoy!

 We believe that every teen was created by God and has great value and purpose.

Find out more about Shelterwood and what sets us apart from other residential treatment centers. Get in touch with us today to get your teen help, healing and transformation or read more testimonials here.

What Makes Shelterwood Special

  • A community guided by the love of Jesus in everything we do
  • A team of mentors dedicated to walking with your teen through their journey
  • An accredited high school with teachers who develop individualized plans for each student
  • A team of trained, experienced therapists who will work with both your child and your family to learn how to work better together
  • The nation’s first residential treatment center to offer and facilitate the Brain Balance Program® on site
  • A beautiful, 220-acre campus where kids have an opportunity to learn, explore and thrive in nature
Shelterwood - How to encourage your teen in a difficult season - Therapeutic Boarding School

“I will never forget my time at Shelterwood. It gave me many memories I’ll cherish forever. Shelterwood saved my life.”


“If I would not have attended Shelterwood I would not be the man I am today. I reflect back on my experiences there and just smile.”


“I will never forget the hardships and great times that I spent at Shelterwood. It really helped me turn my life in the right direction. It surrounded me with great people and great therapy. Thanks, Shelterwood.”


Shelterwood seeks to serve our families with excellence. We received The Joint Commission’s Gold Seal of Approval, which means we’re reaching the industry’s highest benchmarks. Our school is fully accredited through Cognia and we are a member of NATSAP.




Recognized by Excellence in Giving for their investment of valuable staff time in transparently communicating detailed and accurate information.

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Let today mark a fresh start for your teen and your family.